Prayer takes care of what is unseen first, before dealing with what is seen, therefore thank God in prayer for dealing with the things that are not seen, and the courage to wait for the seen to be dealt with.

Like wifi if you are not connected, you will not be able to know what to pray for and how to pray, the enemy's strategies change every day, so stay connected, wise, and adaptable.

 Like wifi prayer is both public and private, therefore know the difference and pray accordingly, your private password is Christ Jesus the Son of the living God. The enemy will try to block your signal and prevent the flow of signal ask for an antivirus from the Holy Ghost to intercept all interference so that communication is clear and unhindered for revelations and instructions to flow to change circumstances and events.

Prayer is like wifi streaming, you can see it live or at a later time, and it remains the same no matter the time watched.

Wifi is spreading all over the world, prayer should ride on its wings.

The enemy uses technology to intercept your wifi experience, likewise, your prayers, keep praying using the spirits of wisdom, knowledge, and preservation until a breakthrough arises

Prayer like wifi, you are connected, but you have to move the mouse to where you want to go

Jesus declared " it is written 'My  house will be called a house of prayer for all nations" Let us honor this sentiment expressed

Do you know? many people pray without believing, but to pray you must believe for prayer to be fervent and effective.

Prayers are conscious thoughts spoken by words, in public or private, and can remain as just thoughts in the conscious mind.

Prayer is not a magic wand and a convenience in times of trouble, it requires belief, faith, and trust in the one you are praying to.

Prayer is like a sin that is not dealt with right away, so it is set in men's hearts to do evil, but is passed down the generations as curses, so is prayer, so don't be weary in prayer it is passing down the generations as a blessing. It's a privilege and honor to enter into Christ's intercessional ministry as He is seated at the right hand of God.

Pray without ceasing!

Pray intelligently, because you are speaking to an intelligent, supreme being, every now and then reason with Him." Come and let us reason together saith the Lord" 

I believe written prayers from a true heart are as powerful as the written word

When prayer has ascended to the status of genuine conversations and reasonings, like Abraham you know you are a friend of God.

Prayer is like a life jacket for today's world's affairs on the sea of life

Be careful what you pray for, you might forget, that God does not

Abba Father

Thank You for the medium of prayer, like wifi was invented by You so every man, woman, boy, and girl can come boldly before Your throne to obtain grace and help in time of need. Like wifi it is best used privately in our closet where only Your ears are open to our cry and experience you like The Mighty God, The Everlasting Father, and The Prince of Peace, and experience the pleasures that are at Your right hand, knowing with our hearts that all will be well, even if our eyes have not seen.

Abba, will you stress the importance of having a private altar in our homes to attract your presence and where the blood of the Lamb can be sprinkled over our daily decisions.

Thank you, Father, you always hear us, but the manifestation in the natural is yours to decide. Teach us how to wait and be of good courage.

Life Happens

Life does not play fair, it has no rules. In life, the rain falls on the good and the bad, everyone dies, the good and the bad.

Life has to be ordered, planned, and organized along with the time (seasons) else life is meaningless and without purpose.

Life has the ability to toy with the emotions, so we fall a victim to its desires, and shift the blame to someone/something else

It has been said " Life is what you make it" but I say if you are not careful, life will make you what it wanted

Life is fun, full of excitement, but also full of consequences, find the balance!

 Life is not logical, it's unpredictable. Life is not stagnant, it evolves with time

Life has the ability to devalue what is really important and mess with our priorities

Life does not make sense, but God does

 Life is all about the emotions of love, and the grief of death 

Life is both positive and negative and I get to choose which side of the fence I want to be

Life is not to be lived without faith, hope, and love

Life is understood in hindsight, reflection, and contemplation

Life needs the spirit of persistence, determination, and diligence to do battles for survival.

Life takes what it wants when it wants, and how it wants, no question asked

Do you know? There is a difference between life and living. One can have a life but never lived, and one can live but never have life.

 In life, there are costs to living, and loving

Life has all the answers we crave, but the right questions must be asked

Life does not consist of the abundance of things one's possessed, they are just for living

Life has many pegs/branches

Life for humanity is governed by words and the ability to use them effectively (communication)

 Life's conclusion! " Fear God, and keep His Commandments"

Life is simple, but the more we complicate it, the more complicated it will be

Life is like a revolving door

Life is funny

Do you know? Choices are not given at the beginning of life, and at the end of life on this planet, but the choices made in this life will affect the life on the other side, so choose wisely in this life.


The Wind

 The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going

Its objects dance to the beat of its rhythm, so joyfully and freely, oh what a sight to behold, and its sound is so sweet to the ear, and when it changes its mood we are at its mercy.

When the wind has blown and left its debris what do we do with what is left behind?

Who can hold back the wind?

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