His Royal Majesty

You are the most wonderful and winsome of all men. Elegant grace pours out through every word You speak. Truly God has appointed You, His Favoured One for eternity. Now strap Your lighting-sword of judgment upon Your side O Mighty Warrior, so majesty!

You are full of beauty and splendor as You go out to war. In Your glory and grandeur go forth in victory!. Though Your faithfulness and meekness the cause of truth and justice will stand. Awe-inspiring miracles are accomplished by Your power, leaving everyone dazed and astonished.

Your wounding leaves men's hearts defeated as they fall before You broken. Your glory-kingdom, O Lord endures forever.  You are enthroned to rule with a justice-scepter in Your hand. You are passionate for righteousness and You hate lawlessness. This is why God Your God crowns You with bliss above Your fellow-kings. He has anointed you more than any other, with His oil of fervent joy, the very fragrance of heaven's gladness.

Your royal robes release the scent of suffering love for Your bride. The odor of aromatic incense is upon You. From the pure and shining place, such lovely music that makes you glad is played for your pleasure.

Beloved of God - Jesus The Christ

Jesus, Beloved of God

Thank You for Your unconditional Love, Your sacrifice, Your humanity to me, so that I, born of a woman under the curse of sin and death, can be reconciled to the God of Love, and His love can be the channel through me to my fellowman.

The beauty of this love, we can express it in creative ways, giving the word love so much meaning and emotions beyond our wildest imagination. It can flow like a river, like Niagra Falls, or trickle as a drop of water in a facet, according to the risk we are willing to take to achieve the desired goal.

I am glad I met the God of Love, Who risk it all for me, so I too can be brought into this stream that flows freely and unashamedly to whosoever desired to participate.

Jesus, as You admonish the church in Revelation of their first love, let me not loses mine, but to cultivate it and let it grow beyond my wildest imagination.

The Bride of Christ

I have already laid aside my own garments for you. How could I take them up again since I've yielded my righteousness to Yours? You have cleansed my life and taken me so far. Isn't that enough?

My Beloved reached into me to unlock my heart. The core of every being trembled at his touch. How my soul melted when he spoke to me! my spirit arose to open for more of his touch. As I surrendered to him, I began to sense His fragrance - the fragrance of His suffering love. It was the scent of myrrh flowing all through me.

I cannot face life without my Beloved, being my everything!

Jesus, Redeemer and Lord

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