Questions to think on, and inspired

Western civilization is not in God's historic narratives as the East is: are they the bearer and witness of God's new covernant in Christ Jesus?

  1. What is the purpose of western civilization?
  2. Is western civilization and cultures lost it's relevancy in the 21st century?
  3. Will western civilization stand the test of time?

I believe that west and east is going to merge to fulfill Jesus saying " as it was in the days of Noah so shall it be at his coming

How did Noah survive in his time, before he was rescured by the flood, finding grace and favor?

As women is very important in making a home for her husband and children, so she is important in the community, society, and the world at large, not as a dictator, but a sllence partner being the comforter, and helper . Like the Spirit of God - A good man needs a good woman.

When women is devalued devastation and chaos will be the result