God want to honor, this profession.

 He think she deserve a Nobel Prize. In the 21st century in the societies that exits, she is look down on by her peers who choose careers, idols of the world, seekers of fame and fortune, ( nothing wrong with those choices) but God wants you to know you are a world changer one day at a time by your sacrifices, discipline, endurance, and selflessness.

You are the crowning glory of your husband, and the rock of your family, and the jewels of communities.

Thumbs up to the husbands who support and allow you to be this kind of person and in term you compliment him in his goals and plans.

Your resume is very intensive, because you are an expert in many fields, unknown to the world

This profession is not for the faint of heart, her job is never done, its a rountine pack with action from the rising of the sun to its going down.

So if you consider this your profession, you are not alone, remember God honor you, so be proud of yourselves, and be the best you, this world has ever seen.

God made you for such a time as this, unknown to you like Jeremiah, the role you must fulfilled is a unique and special one for the benefit of the human race, be brave, be humble and be true to who you are, you might not feel it, see it or appreciated for it, but never forget what God has ordained cannot be change.

Have you ever considered what it was like between the last of the prophet and the fullness of time in the New  Testament era, the kingdom of men continued to operate, but was never recorded, Do you think it  will happen again to usher in the reign of Jesus Christ , as was His birth.?